Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hautelinks- 4/16/11

This post is inspired by the Hautelinks of the Week posts on College Fashion. 

The next big thing to hit the runway is the show itself. Check out Burberry's unconventional runway show in Beijing. 

I'm loving this creative and simple way to create a glamourous dress!

Plenty of color and a bit of sporty edge, I'm digging the DIY potential of these camping cord bracelets

This website allows you to watch the best kids' show in the world FOR FREE. Rhombus!

Trying to make the best of your time in college? You may want to implement some of these ideas: 101 Things to Do Before You Graduate

10 poses that will be getting me into Vogue. 

You can make your own organic lipgloss at home. And it's easy. Who knew?

I need to make one of these nautical bracelets! I am in lust. 

Here is a sassy idea for repurposing one of the cheap bangles that you don't use anymore! 

These cute decorations make me want to have a map themed room in my house! My mom collects globes, so it just may work. I am in Map Love

After getting a cupcake pin cushion for christmas (made of felt, and the pins are the sprinkles! so cute!) these crafts are cute enough to eat

This statement necklace is a DIY dream. 

I've discovered the perfect way to repurpose old shirts and those ones you find abandoned in the laundry room: make a skirt! Cutest girl at the game? Yeah, that's me. 

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