Thursday, June 13, 2013

Get Lucky

My roommate and I have seriously been listening to Get Lucky by Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams on repeat.  It's pretty much our theme song.  

On Monday I took a test run to my internship location in Notting Hill.  I took the Hammersmith & City Line to Ladbroke Grove.  

In England they don't typically use the word "Exit" they say "Way out."

While walking around amidst the school kids in blazers and ties, I noticed some calla lilies, my favorite flower, which I took as a good sign. Notting Hill is incredibly beautiful with red brick, green trees and flowers, and birds chirping.  

Finally, I stumbled across Trinity Mews, where my work is located.  I couldn't keep from grinning when I saw the arching sign over the gate.  I had been lost for 45 mins and finding my way back to the Tube when I saw it.  The building is an old stable that has been converted to a fashion showroom where I will be working starting on Monday.  

My roommate, who we call Tepper (her last name), and I met up and went to get phones in Islington.  As dedicated iPhone users, we went for the cheapest option and still carry around our American phones.  We call this one our "fake phone" or "play phone." When we were at the store we were making conversation with our cashier, a younger man named Calum, and he was asking us where we were working.  Tepper talked about the production company she's interning for on "Gooch street." Calum's eyes bugged out, making the funniest face I have seen in a long time. Tepper had meant to say Googe Street.  After some coaxing he told us that gooch is similar to "crundle" or "taint" in America. Ha ha ha... oops.

Across the street we went shopping.  Here is a pillow I want to recreate from the cutest, preppiest British store ever: Jack Wills.  Their motto is "Fabulously British."  We had to ask what their logo was, at first we thought it looked like a dinosaur with a top hat and cane, it's actually a pheasant. :P 

A beautiful blouse at Miss Selfridge on Oxford Street with detailing inspired by the Great Gatsby.

Cute boots that I must have! 


After a long afternoon of shopping on Oxford Street, Tepper and I hit up The Court on Tottenham Court Road for some fish and chips and cider.  The song Get Lucky came on while we were eating.  We joked about how in Britain you don't leave a tip so we feel like we're stealing!  At this place, you order at the bar and pay before you get your food.  When I asked the bartender how big the fish and chips were (as in the difference between a small order and large order) he told me that the large was "approximately 255 grams."  That's supposed to mean something to an American? Ha ha.  It was delicious.  I plan on sampling many different fish and chip venues while I'm here. This one I would definitely return to. Except I didn't eat the peas... I hate peas! 

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