Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Only Girl in the World

 When: February 18, 2011

Dress: Anthropologie
Necklace: LOFT
Shoes: Nine West from Piperlime
Mask: Self made

Where: Chi Omega's Persephone's formal dance- masquerade theme

Why: I fell in love with this dress while shopping for my sister's birthday. I had to have it! I am obsessed with the neckline and the colors. Plus, the birds are adorable! Also, those shoes are amazing. So comfortable. Plus I'm 6'1" in them, what's not to like? This isn't necessarily my most formal outfit, it feels more like a garden party ensemble, but I was feeling it, so I wore it. 

I wasn't expecting much from this dance, but I actually had a great time! The best moment of the night was when Paul and I attempted to swing dance to Mambo #5. It was sooooo fun! I think we'll be taking swing lessons this summer.

Oh, and this is Paul. Isn't he a gem? If you're wondering, he's 6'5". What a sweetheart! 

Do you like his new suit? He's stylish as well. :D 


  1. Adorable! I love your shoes! <3

  2. Lakin! Hey Cutie - I enjoy your blog! I am a total fashion fool - so I am learning lots from you!! I love your outfits and your stories. Keep it up~

    So glad you are having a blast in Corvallis!

    -Molly Evjen

  3. Molly- Thank you, Molly! I'm so glad you like it. Your opinion is so valuable to me. <3

    Clariz- Thank you! They are amazing and SO easy to walk in!

  4. Love this dress! Can't go wrong with Anthropologie!
    xo Cara

  5. SO CUTE!! Absolutely LOVE your blog! I am a Chi Omega/Fashion Design major too! I will be sure to share your blog with my sisters at the University of Cincinnati and I am definitely following!

  6. You guys are like the most gorgeous couple I've ever seen!


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