Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rainy Day Essentials

Today is one of those days that when you're you back in your room after class, you take off your raincoat, shake it off, take off the scarf, the boots, the coat under the raincoat... and your pants. No surface goes un-drenched. Northwest rain is persistent. For days like today, I pretty much wear a rainy day uniform. Sorry, I don't have a picture of my outfit for today, my camera is like a kitty: no baths. But here are some go to items for a girl living in the Pacific Northwest, or any other soaking wet climate:

Rainy Day Essentials

General OSU style is sporty and practical with expressive accessorizing. Some of my favorite trends I've seen are:

Hunter Wellies- They're a classic! Although they have a triple digit price tag, I find them to be a worthy investment considering the amount of rain we get here. I love not having to think about puddles. Or jumping in them. 

North Face coats- I have the Venture jacket in Weimaraner brown. The color is beautifully vivid. It repels moisture as needed, but you have to remember to shake it off before going into class. There are three things that sold me on this jacket, 1) the price is affordable, 2) it comes in a ton of colors, 3) it's lightweight, perfect for layering! And nothing is worse than sweating in your jacket on a rainy day. 

Bubble umbrellas- Most Oregonians are too proud to carry an umbrella, and often I am among them. But recently I have been lusting after this one, as I see a few on campus. I want to do a photo shoot with one! 

Knit headbands- So cute! You can make them yourself, buy locally, or find one for cheap at stores like Forever 21. They are a simple accessory that adds a little style and a little warmth to a rainy day. 

Pashmina scarves- Perhaps in an earlier post you saw my scarf from Morocco. I practically live in that thing. I always wear a scarf on rainy days. A scarf is stylish, personal, and helps deter sickness by staying warm. A triple win.
I also love infinity scarves.  

Warm socks- Always wear warm socks with boots. Your feet will thank you. 

What's your must have for a day of downpour? Leave a comment! 

I hope you all are surviving the rain! And those of you in warm climates: you are smart.  

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