Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bryn & Beau

Meet my sassy sister! This is Bryn and her/our dog Beau. Technically Beau is her dog, but he loves us all, so we share. Bryn is sixteen years old and Beau is one. Here Bryn is wearing a Jessica Simpson blazer from Cupcake Couture, black Vigoss jeans from Nordstrom, boots also from Nordstrom, and earrings from Anne Bocci Boutique. Bryn's style is a mixture of equestrian and rocker. She says her signature is "boots." Beau opts for the scruffy look with shaggy hair and a studded collar. They are a match made in badass heaven. 


  1. the jacket is great, and i love the color of her hair

  2. cute, the both of them, love her blazer
    Lydz xX


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