Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tripod Oo la la

When: March 6, 2011

Cardigan: Nordstrom B.P.
Skirt: Goodwill
Tank top: Forever21
Boots: Ugg via Nordstrom 

Where: To church and around campus

Why: Before I talk about my outfit, one thing first: my dad is loaning me his tripod! Aren't these pictures great? I feel like being able to shoot on manual, and go at my own pace, I got much better photos for you all! It was so much fun! I may not have many more outfits for the rest of the term (nothing is happening but finals), but hopefully I'll get my own tripod and my photos will get that much better. 

Honestly, this is the first thing I thought of this morning. I'm not completely satisfied with this outfit, but it's can be kind of like a rough draft, right? That's what's great about clothes: mixing and matching! And I definitely want to mix and match more things into my wardrobe, so I've decided not to give up shopping for lent. I think that choosing that would be setting myself up for failure. So, now I'm throwing around the idea of giving up drinks other than water. That includes coffee, that includes alcohol, that includes crystal light. Someone was talking to me today and she was like, "What about carbonated drinks?" I responded, "I can only have water, but I suppose I could have carbonated water." She proceeded, "What about pop?" Me: "Um, no, I can only have water." It's kind of sad how our generation doesn't realize how important water really is, and how some people live their lives only searching for that one thing: clean water. 

I have to decide what I'm giving up by Tuesday (otherwise known as Fat Tuesday). I hope some of you bloggers out there will do Mardi Gras outfits! Turns out Mardi Gras isn't a holiday all about plastic beads and flashing your chest. It's actually a Catholic holiday signifying the last day before lent. Purple symbolized justice, green is faith, and yellow is power- the Rex Parade, an organization of the School of Design chose the colors. Win for design. 


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