Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dumpsters to Diamonds

So you've heard my continual ranting and raving about the 21st Annual OSU Recycled Fashion Show. It is tomorrow night in the Memorial Union Ballroom at 7pm. If you can't make the show, or you don't even attend OSU, I've heard from Cut and Sew (a fellow student) that you can watch the show live on the facebook page at 7pm PST (here).

I'm so excited to finally show you what Flynn, Palmer and I have been working on! And to show you what I'll be wearing to the show. I'm going for something casual yet sassy. If you can't watch the show, I'm going to try and take some video and photos. Look for a post here either Thursday night or Friday morning! 

Also, I created an "About" page, a "Bloglove" page, and I'm also creating a "Make-A-Wish" page to tell you all the story of how I'm a Make-A-Wish beneficiary. Go check those out! xoxoxo


  1. yayaya! excited to see you there!!

  2. I'm so psyched to see your plastic bag dress! I want to snap a few pictures if that's ok, and I can link back to Style Interplay. :D

  3. Ahhh I wish I could be there for this, I know it's going to be AMAZING. You always had a thing for recycled fashion. (Z100 poster dress, anyone?) Have boatloads of fun! Xoxo

  4. The genre is so different and intriguing! Looking forward to seeing some great dresses!

  5. I'm glad you all are looking forward to it! I will definitely be posting photos and video of garments other than my own!

    Erin- You will be my model next year. You are a superstar.

  6. Wowow! That is so exciting! I can't wait to see pictures. I'm sure that show is going to be awesome! Have fun

  7. Sounds like a really cool fashion show! Can't wait to see pictures! Great blog.


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