Friday, March 4, 2011

Ra Ra Fashion Baby

Don't be alarmed. I know it's a lot of pictures, but trust me, this isn't even the half of it. I took 699 pictures last night. It was challenging, with all the models strutting so fast, but here they are! I'm not super proud of the image quality, but they give you an idea of the show. Perhaps they may even inspire you! Feel free to take them if you are a model or designer, but if you put them on facebook or your blog, please link back to me! Thank you. 

Annnddd.... here is Palmer! These pictures have been lingering on my desktop begging to be seen:

Our dress was music themed, with sheet music on top from the recycling at the music building and cassette tape on the bottom from the OSU recycling center. The clutch took four hours of melting over a light bulb, and watching a whole lot of House. You should be seeing more of it because I got to keep it! But guess what?! It gets better. 

We won an award! 

We were the only freshmen to win an award! We won the Design & Human Environment Chair's Award, authorized by Dr. Leslie Burns. Originally, I was a little upset because they forgot to put my name up on the slide when the dress came out! I was really let down. Yet, everything worked out in the end, and the award totally made up for the faux pas. 

I hope you enjoy all the pictures (I know, it's overwhelming)! More on my outfit later! 

I have a busy finals schedule, and I've been a bit under the weather, so I may be sparse this week, but I'll have some great things to show you during spring break. So it'll all be worth it. Have a great weekend!

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(all photos are Copyright (c) Lakin McCarthy 2011, for personal use only)


  1. What did u know we are both fashion designers. I own my own women's shoe company. Its tailored towards wide width feet :) Ok we definitely need to hangout more
    xoxo, Liana

  2. MOST DEF! Wow, too bad I have double narrow feet. :P

  3. Inspiring. Keep up with the great work. You should post about some DIY. You seem like the best person for that...

  4. Yes! I love DIY. I'm taking a sewing class next term and I knit. It's coming!


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