Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

When: March 3, 2011

Blazer: Mossimo Target via Goodwill
Jeans: Levi's
Necklace: Anthropoligie 
Tank top: Forever21
Heels: madden girl via TJ Maxx
Belt: American Eagle 

Where: Dumpsters to Diamonds: 21st Annual OSU Recycled Fashion Show

Why: This is my take on the Lauren Conrad look. Amber and I were talking about cute ways to wear those nude pumps, and this is what we discussed. The flash kind of washed this picture out, but those jeans definitely have more of a navy hue to them, then pictures. I got a lot of compliments and I felt positively sassy. Although, I feel like I need to invest in another tank top because this one becomes sheer when stretched, and when a camera flashes, my bra flashes back. It's like morse code. And yes, they did use mirrors to do morse code, I googled it. 

For the past week I've been feeling kind of sick. I have a weird bubbling stomach. I'm going to get tested for celiac disease over spring break. If I am gluten intolerant, I will go bezerk. Bread is my favorite thing in the world. I thrive off of bread, noodles, cookies, and oatmeal. My life will have peaked at age 19. 

This week is dead week. I have to start getting ready for finals, so this week may be on the low end for cute outfits. Except, on Tuesday I am going to a tennis match in Eugene that is going to have some of the big names like Sharipova, Federer, and my man, Nadal (*drool*). I'm thinking preppy, country club, comfy cute so I can catch his eye. ;) 

Also! Here is a video I took of the final walk of the recycled fashion show! It's really fun to watch. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! And please don't die during dead week. That would be bad. 


  1. Love the look!
    and about celiacs- almost every time an intolerance goes undetected in a test. I am intolerant to gluten and the only way I found out was going on a gluten free diet for 3 weeks. So you could try that! :) btw its not that bad at all, cravings go away and it makes you eat healthier too- trust me I was a breadaholic!

    -Style Interplay-

  2. Love that outfit, very LC indeed! Hope your test for Celiacs goes well. Thank you for adding me on IFB. xoxo

  3. The blazer is very flattering. Great buy!

    PS- just a question, aren't you on twitter?

  4. Your hair is gorgeous! Is it natural like that? Reminds me of Marilyn!

  5. Thanks for the advice! The stomach issues haven't subsided, so I may try to get tested on Monday.

    No, I'm not on twitter (yet). I'm trying not to get too involved in the internet. A blog and facebook is enough for right now.

    Yes, that's my natural hair texture, but the color is dyed. But I was born a blonde, so I think I'm allowed to fabricate. Lol. The curl is all mine!

  6. Your hair is so gorgeous!! Love this look, you look totally hot. The jeans and blazer with the pumps was a great choice!
    M xo

  7. Perfect outfit for the event! Love you, you diva!


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