Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm still alive.

I'm sorry you've all been neglected the past few days! Finals are that time of the term where all normal life ceases to exist, and all that's getting you through is your sweatpants and the dreams of spring break. A cute outfit for finals week? That is a waste of an outfit. As of today, I have completed two finals. And by tomorrow night, I will be home! For now, I thought I'd share with you my good hair day. It's getting longer and I'm so excited!! 

My hair is unusally manageable after I straighten it. Speaking of which, I rarely straighten my hair, and well, my bestie Erin was in town and she wanted to give it a go. Then, we had a mini-photo shoot. Here are some photos:

I'm warming up to the straightened look... but I'm still a curly girl at heart. I'm getting my hair colored (the same blonde) over break, and I'm thinking that once it's touched up I want to get some red lipstick, dress up and do a photo shoot as Marilyn Monroe. I need to start bugging my photographer friends! 

I'm still working on my first Glee outfit inspiration post! And I'm planning some fun things over spring break. And I will be shopping, finally. Don't fret, friends! I'll be back soon! 


  1. You are very welcome! You deserve it for being so sweet and funny! Good luck on the rest of your finals!

  2. Love your blog, hun


  3. curvy girls unite! i found your "Bloggers with curves" group on IFB, yay! I love finding new blogs.

    isn't it funny how a good hair day can make everything see so much better? If my hair looks great, I can wear whatever I want, if my hair looks dingy, I try to make what I'm wearing take away from it.


  4. Oooh i love your blog.

    Now following!


  5. You look so pretty with curly hair. I have straight but I envy curly. Lucky you! You're done with your finals. I still have two more days to go!


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